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Our Teachers


Christina McKay-DiChristina, director@gfns.org

“Wednesday and Thursday mornings are the highlight of my week!  Teaching the Ones Class is a joy!  Getting to know the children as babies and watching them grow into curious, inquisitive toddlers is truly priceless.  Getting to know the parents during this year is also very special, as we share the trials, tribulations, and fantastic wonders of gently guiding children through this early stage of development.  Classes are full of laughter and fun!  Together we observe the children gain comfort and confidence in a small group, gradually taking notice, then pleasure in their peers.  These first friendships and shared learning experiences form a foundation upon which the children continue to build and thrive through our Twos Classes and beyond!  I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of this important year of growth, and to be a part of this warm community and fantastic team of teachers at GFNS!”

Twos Classroom

Rhonda Doherty

Channing Murphy

Threes Classroom

Karen DeDomenico

Laura Juhl

Colleen Oppenheimer

Fours Classroom

Linda Forcino

 “After leaving my first career as a fashion buyer in Manhattan to cherish the moments of being a first-time mom, I devoted my time and energy to my family.  I was first introduced to the “institution of higher education” when I volunteered at my son’s preschool.  Although he has since graduated from college, I still proudly walk through the halls of GFNS!  Teaching has always been my passion. Wanting children to love coming to school, to play and enjoy each and every day in a fun and comfortable environment is my goal and philosophy.

Despite the social and technological changes that have occurred since I began to teach in 1996, I feel as though the GFNS environment has preserved the old-fashioned sense of humanity and generosity that so many of us feel is lacking in contemporary culture.

At GFNS, our Director allows us the freedom to design our classrooms in a way that complements our teaching style. This, in turn, allows the children to get the most out of our lessons.  Each classroom has its own flavor, which uniquely sparks the children’s imaginations and gives them the freedom to learn and express themselves.

Since 1996, I haven’t worked a day in my life!  I am truly honored and lucky to call GFNS my home away from home and frankly, I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Tuti Jenkins

Pre-K  Classroom

Megan Adams

“I have had the privilege of working at GFNS for the past nine years and it has been a wonderful experience. The support and passion from both the families and staff has been amazing.  The atmosphere here is kind, nurturing, and warm.  Five women have joined the staff as educators after their own children attended school here.  I feel that in itself is a true testament to our school and its philosophy.  I am very lucky to be a part of this community and team.”

Pat Workman

“Over 35 years ago when I was looking for a warm, safe & nurturing Pre-School environment for my children to successfully grow, learn and discover, I found Green’s Farms Nursery School.  I loved the “old fashioned” play and learning through hands-on discovery that was evident in the classrooms.  There was a climate of mutual respect, family involvement, and community involvement which allowed all children to discover the world that awaits them and prepare them to enter elementary school.  I loved the atmosphere of fostering independence by helping the children make appropriate choices while building the foundation for later learning.  I am proud to say that 2 of my 3 children attended GFNS.  I wish we were living locally for my first daughter to have had the same wonderful and memorable pre-school years.  My son and daughter both came away from their experiences with a solid foundation for learning, personal growth, confidence, social skills, and many friendships that followed them throughout their public school years.  The play-based environment allowed them age-appropriate opportunities to develop at their own pace.  The structure of the day prepared them for an introduction to reading, writing, math science, conflict resolution, organization skills, whole body readiness and planning that elementary school would require of them.  I came away from GFNS with a renewed feeling of secure family atmosphere, new family friendships, and an invitation to join the “Sub List”.  Using my strengths, I have grown to love working and learning in the preschool environment and it has been my second home for more than 30 years.  As a Fours teacher, I have dedicated myself to providing an exciting and enriching classroom for my children where learning is fun.  It has been a wonderful journey filled with the memories of watching children grow physically, cognitively, socially and creatively.  A little bit of each child I have had in my care remains dear in my heart – those rewards are immeasurable!  Together we have laughed, lived, loved and learned – GFNS enriched the lives of my own children and I hope I am passing that along to all my students.  Many of those former students are now parents here at GFNS – and I have had their children in my class.  Many of my former student’s parents are now staff members here at GFNS.  I can’t say enough about our caring, nurturing staff – we’re the best and so is GFNS.  “GO GREEN”!”



Laura Rachinsky, mrsr@gfns.org

“I have been at GFNS since 1989 when I enrolled my son(who is now almost 30!).  Believe it or not, I never toured another nursery school after visiting this school.  GFNS just felt like home.    My daughter also attended (she’s 27!) & even my niece (20!)  One of the most lasting gifts they each enjoyed from their experience was the ability to make friends easily & gain self-esteem that allowed them to understand & follow an innate sense of social rightness.

Many of us on staff at GFNS are former GFNS parents.  It was just too hard to leave!  Since I first joined the staff in 1992, I have grown a deeper understanding of Early Childhood, having obtained my Associates Degree in 2012.  Early Childhood is not a field for anyone interested in fortune or fame.  Our accomplishments are more quiet & gradual.  Like the sure & steady spread of tree roots underground, our influence is a foundation from which our students rise & joyfully soar!

GFNS is my extended family.  The teachers are my friends.  I know each & every child & family by name & enjoy an easy sense of camaraderie with everyone in this big, busy family!  Every day is a joyful surprise that keeps me young.”