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Integrated Enrichment

At GFNS, all learning is connected.

GFNS uses the Project Approach to curriculum, with a keen focus on learning through Purposeful Play. Units of study are introduced to the students throughout all areas of play and learning, from small motor manipulatives and imaginative play, to creative art projects, song and story time. To enhance our core curriculum, exposure and exploration of the rich domains of Science, Music, Movement and Spanish are made even more magical and meaningful through the integration of classroom subject matter.

Each classroom’s projects and curriculum themes are integrated into the children’s learning experiences across all enrichment programs.

Green’s Farms Nursery School’s Integrated Enrichment programs are taught by specialists who are experienced and educated in their respective fields of expertise.  The specialists consult with classroom teachers on a regular basis, to learn what the upcoming projects or themes of study are, so that they can intentionally weave them into their lesson plans.

Integrated Enrichment allows students to experience a deeper meaning of subject matter, thus enlivening student engagement, increasing understanding, strengthening memory, and building important connections.



At Green’s Farms Nursery School we encourage and nurture the budding scientist in each child.

Science experiences in early childhood help to build observation skills and the ability to predict outcomes.  Children gather in our Outdoor Classroom to explore the wonders of Science through playful, hands-on learning activities and experiments.  Group discussion and exploration engenders vocabulary growth and cooperative learning.  Children’s questions, predictions & observations are recorded through developmentally appropriate note-taking, so they know that their discoveries are important.


Science lessons are planned using a STEM approach.  STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM Education, a term initiated by the National Science Foundation, refers to an educational approach which integrates these disciplines. Preschoolers spontaneously engage in STEM activities on a regular basis. Science class at GFNS enhances children’s opportunities to engage in STEM learning and develop their critical thinking skills.  These opportunities for engagement are playful, fun, and stimulating for the children.




Music Class at Green’s Farms Nursery School engages children’s imaginations and creativity while supporting their cognitive development.  Music is a joyful class, where children play instruments, sing, dance, listen, and create.  Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Timbre, Form, Texture and Dynamics are all explored through hands-on learning activities.  Songs and listening selections expose children to a variety of musical genres and cultures, while incorporating current themes and projects from each class.


Music is taught by a certified and experienced music educator.  Many of the songs and activities from music class are performed at Green’s Farms Nursery School’s All-School Morning Meetings, bringing the children together through shared musical experiences.




Yoga helps young children develop mindfulness and self-regulation while promoting an overall sense of well-being.  Preschool Yoga creates a framework for total body movement and gross motor development.  It incorporates different learning styles and provides children with valuable inner resources, helping them feel calm and connected to the world around them.


Green’s Farm’s Nursery School’s Certified Yoga Specialist meets with classes on a regular basis, engaging them in playful yoga practice, through story, music, and imagination.  Yoga is also integrated into the classroom by GFNS teachers, many of whom are certified in Preschool Yoga.

Foreign Language


Research shows that children under the age of 6 absorb foreign languages and sounds quickly and with ease.  Opening young children’s eyes to the concept of foreign language widens their awareness and view of the world around them.


Beginning in the 3’s, students are exposed to colors, numbers and greetings in Spanish as part of their everyday experience with their teachers.  Spanish words and music are integrated playfully within the classroom, exposing children to the sights and sounds of the language as they move from activity to activity.


Building upon the foundation formed in the 3’s, the 4’s and Pre-K students are introduced to a full Spanish curriculum with a Spanish instructor.  This formal instruction incorporates multiple relevant classroom subjects including family, farm animals, the four seasons, body parts, and pets.   Children are actively engaged with the language through playful movement, song and creative