Welcome to Greens Farms Nursery School

We are a nursery school for children ages one to five years old, located in Westport, Connecticut. Green’s Farms Nursery School (GFNS) provides a joyful place to learn, play and make friends under the guidance of caring and experienced teachers.

Our philosophy is to facilitate the natural growth process of young children while focusing on Kindergarten and Elementary School preparedness. Our goal is to nurture each child at a pace that is appropriate for them in an environment that is sensitive and supportive. Our school is non-sectarian, non-discriminatory and open to all age-appropriate children.

GFNS seeks to provide successful and meaningful experiences for every child in order to help them develop a love of learning and a positive self-image. GFNS provides concrete opportunities for children to make decisions, solve problems, make friends and develop independence and responsibility through productive play. Activities include process-oriented art, mathematical concepts, emergent literacy, science exploration, music, Spanish and ample outdoor play time.