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Our Philosophy

At Green’s Farms Nursery School, we believe in nurturing developmentally appropriate opportunities for learning, and that young children are competent and capable of achieving positive developmental outcomes, regardless of background and experience. We know that early learning and development are multidimensional, and that development in one domain influences development and other domains. Thus curriculum must consider a connection between all developmental domains.

Our goal at GFNS is to nurture children towards readiness for kindergarten at a pace appropriate for each child, in the environment that is supportive and nurturing. We recognize that children are unique in their rate of growth and development of skills and competencies. Curriculum content must take these differences into account, in order to create a learning environment that is tailored for each individual child. Our teaching staff is knowledgeable regarding child growth and development and will provide curriculum that is appropriate for the group and individual children.

We acknowledge that families are the first caregivers and educators of children, so we make every effort to ensure that our families are aware of program goals, and we work collaboratively with them to ensure children are exposed to optimal learning opportunities. We will provide families with the developmental information necessary to ensure each child’s successful educational experience, driving at all times to be sensitive to their cultural context in which children are raised.

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